A short demo of how whiteboard animation can bring to life an ordinary lecture. Turning verbal messages into a compelling video clip has proven one of the predictably viral formats on YouTube.

The new social world poses new dilemmas to independent professionals. How do you present yourself to a world that craves personality, not empty brands? I’ve worked with individual professionals on their branding for over a decade, in Tel Aviv and in the US, as designer, coach, and product manager. I built websites, social profiles, and designed profile page platforms for large professional directories. I work one-on-one with clients to refine their message using all communication levels: textual, visual and photographic. The process is one you will enjoy, and the goal and promise is to have an online identity you’ll be proud of. What a concept, right?

“The most awesome video clip to come out of Israel ever” (7 Leylot, a leading Israeli entertainment weekly). Won mention of honor in Haifa’s International Film Festival.¬†Created out of audio samples from a 90′s cult film, this track and accompanying video made an immediate impression. Phrases from the track are still a part of Tel Aviv’s urban jargon to this day. This is the first “sampled vocals” music video ever broadcast on Israeli TV.

Music and animation: Edo Amin
Director: Dany Itz’haky

Hello, I hear you like red